28. Dec, 2018

Performance mods

Software- As always will give the  biggest bang for the buck.
But it will highlight other problems with OE setups.
Air Intake becomes too restrictive.
Heat soak.
Restrictive exhaust system,
Underlying engine problems migth be highlighted.
Also drivetrain problems might show up.
Most Oe systems are designed around the power intended by design.
Best in the sound department( Who doesnt like to hear the the sound of power....)
Increases the volume of air ingested.
Downpipe. Will work on Std tune. Spool up is better. But can throw Engine lights, needs mini cat or software edit. 
Intercooler. Not really noticeable till summer hits us.Can be run on stock software and performance will be better. More of a problem when tuned. As more boost equals more pressure drop as the the standard cooler becomes choked up. 
Open pod style filters will always suck some hot air if located in the engine bay. If you have a good intercooler it should take care of that problem. 
More power means more stress on the driveline 
Clutch can take a beating aswell as the duel mass flywheels typical found in todays cars.
Engine and transmission mountings can become to soft for the task of keeping all your power directed to the wheels.
Brakes will have a harder time due to the new performance gain.
Lastly your tyres wont last that long🙂
So this is just the headlines in each area that needs to be addressed.
Next time I will break things up one at a time.