Ford Focus Airbox mod

This install guide is intended to help with the installation of the SAiC Air Intake Kit on the 2014+ Ford Focus ST

Estimated Install time: 20 Minutes

Tools required for install:

  • 8mm socket or 8mm nut driver

  • 7mm socket or 7mm nut driver

  • 10mm spanner, socket wrench

  • Phillips head screw driver

Step #1

Remove the intake air box lid by loosening the (4) 8mm screws located on the outside edge of the air box, lift up to remove cover from air box.

Step #2

Remove the intake air filter by pulling it up and out

Step #3

Now assemble the Saic Air box with 6mm bolts and nuts.

Don't tighten completely , the install will need some movement

Step #4

Place the metal box on top of the bottom halve of you existing box .

Locate the holes on the side and press box over . Using supplied screws tightened

box up using only a screw driver.

Step #5

Now You can tighten up the 6mm Stainless bolts and nuts.

Step #6

Insert new filter (filter just sits inside , no need for clamp)

Slide in 3d printed spacer into the open end of the filter

in between the filter and metal air box

Now fit 2 x rubber seals provided on top of box edge.

Trim to fit .

Ford Fiesta Intake

Installation of the SAiC Air Intake Kit on the 2013+ Ford Fiesta ST

Estimated Install time: 20 Minutes

Tools required for install:

  • T20 torx driver

  • Flat head screw driver

  • Prying tool

  • 5mm Allen key

  • 10mm spanner

  • 13mm Spanner

Step #1

Remove the intake pipe by undoing the clamp on the rubber pipe

and pulling it loose from air box, undo 2 screws on Maf sensor and set aside.

Step #2

Remove the air filter box by prying of the front air feed and pulling it up and out

Step #3

Now locate the plastic grommet holding a wire next to the bonnet catch located in

the middle of the engine slam panel

Step #4

Pry out grommet with plastic prying tool and tuck it to the side , this will be the fastening hole for the Heat shield, insert the speed clip over the bracket

Step #5

Now slide in the Heat shield and line it up with the holes.

Use Allen cap bolt on the centre nut by the bonnet catch

On the bottom there is two holes that should line up with the holes underneath

Use the 2 x 8mm bolts and nuts to secure, big washer goes underneath.

( on some models only one hole lines up )

Step #6

Take new Maf sensor housing and insert Maf sensor into hole, secure using OE screws. Don’t over tighten. Slip it into rubber hose and tighten clamp (just firm , DONT OVERTIGHTEN), Slip on cone filter and tighten.

Connect up sensor wire and you are good to go>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>