Ford Ranger intercooler kits
Keeping the power safe and consistent!
Will fit Ranger PX 2.2 and 3.2
Mazda BT 50 2.2 and 3.2


Get your Stage 1 tune and unleash the beast!

Fiesta ST intercooler

Our new intercooler just hit the streets!

Its been a long timecoming.

Getting the right core fore the job, with the lowest pressure drop, yet longer to look better.

Flows better!!!


Then the End tanks 

Using 3d imaging and printing we opt for the the best flowing transition into the core.

It does look like most of the international products, but then looks can be deceiving.


Next we teamed up with a local foundry to make the the castings for us.

Months went past trying to get it right and eventually we had 8 tanks that past the X ray test.

They are on the road as we speak , keeping the intake temps down.

We will be casting alot more tanks in 2019 so of to a new start.........

All about FLOW!!

Sometimes, the simple solution is the best one.  Boost pipe upgrade kits don't require a computer remap or a lot of fancy hardware; they just make a good thing better.Why make your turbo work harder than it should.

The aluminum boost pipe upgrade uses smooth-walled pipe shaped to reduce air flow restrictions common in factory plastic pipes. The rationale is simple but effective: Letting your engine breathe freely unleashes its natural power. None of those turbulent happy convoluted plastic/rubber pipes.

Kits install easily, and come with Alu tubes, silicone hose, clamps, fittings, and installation hardware. 


More Flow=MUCH More Go.........


FORD Ranger Replacement boost pipes in Aluminum and Silicone available now!!

See the difference........

Cast plenums for Inline 5 engines available

Made in South Africa.

2 piece  design

Matched to bottom runners 

Great look with improved midrange power.

ECU covers

Volvo Automatic trans coolers