ST250 Intake box mod

Now you can hear and see your filter without getting heat soaked!

Stage 2 intercooler kit for ST250

We  offer Intercooler upgrades for the ST250, 

as well as Intake pipe and cold air boxes.

Boost pipes , both Hot and Cold side

Rmm inserts, Symposer deletes.

Contact us for more information.

082 7229020 

  • ST250 Filter box mod

    Fits on top of stock airbox
    Seals on underside of bonnet when closed

  • RMM poly insert

    Reduces engine movement, wheel hop,
    and puts less strain on other components

  • BMC 70mm plus adaptor

    Replaces stock filter
    Fits in OEM box

  • ST250 Intake pipe Upgrade POA

    From turbo to map sensor housing

  • ST250 Intercooler

    Direct replacement

  • ST250 Short ram intake

    Alu Ram pipe
    Silicone coupler
    76mm clamps

  • ST 250 Boost pipes POA

  • Focus ST250 Oilcooler kit

Focus St250 Short ram intake kits now available.

Takes care of the most restrictive part of the stock intake system. 

ST250 OIL Cooler kit

Cool it!!!