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  • Fiesta ST intake

    Give you the advantage of replacing the restrictive airbox , with a cone filter and heatshield to free up some horse power and sound,

    Used with 76mm Cone filter, plus heatshield

  • Fiesta ST Intercooler OUT OF STOCK

    FIESTA ST180 Intercooler
    This design delivers an extremely impressive performance gain
    and efficient heat rejection characteristic with virtually no
    pressure drop!

    Our Testing highlighted that on Modified cars with Charge
    temperature of approximately 120 degrees celcuis on the Hot-side after the Turbo, Our Intercooler dropped intake
    temperatures consistently to below 35 degrees in 30+ degree ambient temperatures

    On normal day to day running on open road you can expect maximum of 5 degrees over ambient temps.....

  • Fiesta St Torque mount inserts

    Rear torque mounts are prone to crack under extreme diving conditions
    as well as when more power adders are used.
    *Strengthen yours by inserting these poly inserts
    *Takes ten minutes once its removed from car and very basic skills to fit

  • ST180 Oil cooler kits R2800

    Increase the oil cooling efficiency and also relieve a lot of stress on your coolant system
    Ideal for fast road and track applications

  • ST180 ST200 Downpipes R2700

    Decat down pipe
    304 Stainless steel
    72mm inside diameter
    Stock Fitment
    High performance,high flow

  • Software Remap from Avon tuning

    Stage 1 Remap Hardware Requirements:

    Stage 2 Remap Hardware Requirements:
    *Full Exhaust System
    *Cold Air Intake
    *Front Mount Intercooler
    *High Octane Fuel